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  1. Affiliate Program 

    1. What is HostRooster's Affiliate Program, and How Does It Work?
    2. How Can I Join HostRooster's Affiliate Program?
    3. Who Is Eligible to Join HostRooster's Affiliate Program?
    4. How and When Are Commissions Paid Out?
    5. What are Lifetime Commissions on HostRooster, and how do they work?
  2. Apps 

    1. How Can I Use the HostRooster Android and iOS App for More Convenient Hosting?
  3. B&B 

    1. Is it smart to start an HostRooster bnb?
    2. Do HostRooster B&Bs provide toilet paper?
  4. Bookings 

    1. Is it possible to synchronize my Airbnb listings with HostRooster to prevent double bookings?
    2. Do HostRooster hosts check on you?
    3. Can an HostRooster host come in unannounced?
    4. How to skyrocket your HostRooster bookings?
    5. Can I Use HostRooster for Managing Corporate or Group Bookings?
  5. Business Claims 

    1. Claiming Your Business on HostRooster: A Step-by-Step Guide
  6. Cancellations 

    1. Do you provide example cancellation policies for stays?
    2. Do you provide a cancellation policy for Hosts?
    3. How Can I Set and Enforce My Cancellation Policy?
    4. What is a Cancellation Fee?
    5. What is a Cancellation Policy?
  7. Communication 

    1. Why is it important to keep communication within HostRooster?
    2. Can I share my email or phone number to make communication more convenient?
    3. What happens if I accidentally share my contact information on HostRooster?
    4. Can I use video calls or other external tools to collaborate with guests and or hosts on HostRooster?
    5. What should I do if someone asks me to take the conversation off-platform?
  8. Community 

    1. Does HostRooster contact its users?
    2. What is the Email Contact for HostRooster Community?
  9. Complaints 

    1. Report a Concern About a HostRooster Property
    2. Prevent Complaints in Your HostRooster Community
  10. Fees 

    1. What is the Minimum withdrawal amount?
    2. How much do HostRooster hosts get paid?
  11. Getting Started 

    1. How to Sign Up on HostRooster: Your Step-by-Step Guide
    2. How to Submit a Place on HostRooster?
    3. Navigating the HostRooster Dashboard: A Comprehensive Guide
    4. HostRooster Guest Guide: Navigating the Platform Like a Pro
    5. HostRooster Password Reset Guide for Hosts and Guests
  12. Gift Card 

    1. Redeeming Your HostRooster Gift Card Made Easy!
  13. Glossary  

    1. What is a Booking?
    2. What is a Arbitrage?
    3. What is a Cohost?
    4. What is a listing?
    5. What is a listing submission?
  14. Government Requirements 

    1. About property registration number requirements
    2. What guidelines do i need to follow as a HostRooster Host in New York?
    3. What guidelines do I need to follow as a HostRooster Host in London?
    4. What guidelines do I need to follow as a HostRooster Host in France?
    5. What guidelines do I need to follow as a HostRooster Host in Germany?
  15. Guests (“Members”) 

    1. What are Guests?
    2. Is breakfast included in a HostRooster bnb?
    3. What do HostRooster guests want most?
  16. Hosts (“Members”) 

    1. How do I make a custom link for my listing?
    2. What are Hosts?
    3. How does being an HostRooster host work?
    4. How long does it take to become HostRooster host?
    5. What do you need to be a HostRooster host?
  17. iCalendar 

    1. What is iCalendar?
    2. Help Guide: Syncing Your HostRooster Calendar with Other Calendars
    3. How to find the iCal link on Airbnb?
  18. Investment Property 

    1. What is the best type of property for HostRooster bnb?
  19. Listings 

    1. How to Promote Your HostRooster Listing?
    2. What Are the Essential Steps to List a Property on HostRooster?
    3. Can I List Multiple Properties on HostRooster?
    4. What Are the Best Practices for Designing a Stunning HostRooster Listing?
    5. What Are the Options for Advertising My HostRooster Listing Offline?
  20. Member standards 

    1. Copyright Policy
    2. Host Privacy Standards
  21. Notifications 

    1. How can I ensure that I receive emails from HostRooster?
    2. Notification System Overview
  22. Payments 

    1. Where do you add payment details in HostRooster?
  23. Payouts 

    1. Understanding HostRooster Payouts
    2. How to request a payout on HostRooster?
    3. A Step-by-Step Guide to Entering Payment Information on HostRooster
    4. Which Payment Methods Does HostRooster Accept?
  24. Places 

    1. Types of places to stay
  25. Pricing Plans 

    1. What are pricing plans?
  26. Privacy 

    1. HostRooster's Commitment to Privacy: Safeguarding Our Coop's Communication
  27. Property Finder 

    1. A Step-by-Step Guide: Securing Successful Property Sign-Ups on HostRooster as a Property Finder
    2. Steps for Property finder
  28. Reservations 

    1. Seasonal Pricing on HostRooster
    2. Managing Listing Availability with HostRooster’s Booking Calendar
    3. What is iCalendar?
    4. What's the Process for Managing Reservation Changes or Extensions?
  29. Reviews 

    1. How Can I Secure Positive Reviews from My Guests?
  30. Risk Management 

    1. What are the risk of using HostRooster?
  31. Safety 

    1. COVID-19 safety requirements for Hosts & guests
    2. HostRooster's 4-Step Enhanced Cleaning Process Guide
    3. First aid tips
    4. Property not as described
    5. Book online and pay securely
  32. Security 

    1. Can HostRooster hosts have cameras?
  33. Shop 

    1. Where can Europe location orders ship to?
    2. How do I track my order?
    3. How does shipping work for products fulfilled in Mexico?
    4. When will I get my order?
    5. Where are returns sent?
  34. Templates 

    1. Vacation Rental Checkout Checklist Template
    2. Thank-you notes from a host to a guest templates
    3. Vacation Rental Checkout Checklist
  35. Tips and Tricks 

    1. I have a idea to list a reggae mindfulness session on HostRooster, is this a good idea?
  36. Understanding listings  

    1. Types of Places to Stay on HostRooster
  37. All articles 

    1. Where can Europe location orders ship to?
    2. How long is shipping for orders within the EU?
    3. HostRooster Desktop Apps
    4. How to undertake basic marketing of a HostRooster Listing?
    5. Women in Technology

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