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How to undertake basic marketing of a HostRooster Listing?

Using your referral link: You need to register on HostRooster to get one here! you can undertake the following simple activities.

1. Social Media Marketing. Create LinkedIn, Facebook, Tand witter, Instagram pages and use your referral link on the page and within posts. Send a welcome email to new contacts and followers. Could be CEOs, Startups, or IT Managers. Ask them to try the service. Ensure to add your contact details at the end, (for example your position, title, referral link contact email so they can get in contact with you.)

Commenting: Join cloud, IT, and computing forums and participate in real discussions. Also, follow relevant magazines and make comments, but ensure to add your referral link within your comments. 

Write Useful Content:  Publish blog posts regularly at free blogging sites like WordPress and blogger that answer common questions your ideal cloud computing customers are looking up. These pages will help your offer to get in front of the right people. The more times you supply the information they need, the more they will trust you, and the more likely they will be to choose you when they need a product or service. 

News: Contact local and national newspapers and ask them to write about the company. Ensure to add your contact details at the end, position, title, contact email, and referral link.

Submit a Blog Post to a High-Authority Site: Have you written an opinion or thought leadership piece? An industry-specific informational post? Does it pack a punch? If so, it’s worth submitting to a high-authority site with a wide audience. Make sure to choose a reputable, well-known website in your sector that already receives a lot of Google traffic. The founder of Linkology UK, Jason Brooks, provided a Google-ranking guest post on link-building tactics for the WordStream blog in the sample below. You may read more about his business, UK Linkology, and even visit the site by clicking on the article. As you can see, posting as a guest on other websites that Google trusts is a terrific method to receive free advertising on Google.

Youtube: Create a YouTube channel and create videos about Netooze cloud computing.

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