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How do I make a custom link for my listing?

At HostRooster, we empower hosts to direct people to their listings with uniquely crafted custom links. These custom links are tailored to make your listings shine and your brand stand out. Whether you're showcasing a cozy cabin, an urban retreat, or a private oasis, creating a custom link is a breeze.

To Craft or Remove a Custom Link:

  1. Navigate to the Listings section.
  2. Choose the listing for which you want to create a custom link.
  3. Within your Listing details, locate the Custom link section and click Edit.

Each listing can have its own custom link, allowing hosts with multiple listings to personalize each of their offerings. Hosts utilizing our professional hosting tools can also create a custom link for their pro marketing page, maximizing their online presence.

Custom Link Policy: Each custom link remains active as long as the corresponding listing or account is active. Please note that the custom link may be forfeited if the listing or account is deactivated or removed from HostRooster for any reason.

It's important to remember that the ownership of your custom link lies with HostRooster. In the event of any violation of this policy or HostRooster's terms, we reserve the right to terminate its usage.

Custom Links Cannot Include:

  • Any variation of "HostRooster" or content that contravenes our brand guidelines.
  • The term "verified."
  • The term "official" unless expressly approved by the relevant entity.
  • Symbols or punctuation, excluding hyphens.
  • Fewer than three characters.
  • Anything that violates HostRooster's Content Policy.

Custom Links Cannot Consist Solely of:

  • Generic property types (e.g., Apartment, Cabin, TreeHouse, Loft, Home).
  • Generic geographic locations (e.g., SanFrancisco).
  • Numbers (all URLs must include at least one letter).

Examples of Acceptable URLs:

  • /french-alps-holiday-homes-and-cabins
  • /babu-getaways
  • /helens-homes
  • /private-room-in-barcelona-city-centre

At HostRooster, we encourage hosts to infuse their creativity into every aspect of their listings, including custom links. We believe that your uniqueness deserves a spotlight, and our platform is here to help you achieve just that. Let your listings roar with character through personalized custom links that leave a lasting impression on potential guests.

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