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Is it possible to synchronize my Airbnb listings with HostRooster to prevent double bookings?

Yes, you can sync your listings on Airbnb with HostRooster to avoid double bookings using the iCalendar format. iCalendar is a standard method of transferring calendar information between computer systems, and it's supported by most booking service websites, including Airbnb.

Here are the benefits of using iCalendar for synchronization with HostRooster:

  1. Live Availability Synchronization: Your availability will be updated in real-time, preventing double bookings.

  2. Completely Free to Use: iCalendar is a free standard, so you won't incur any additional costs.

  3. Easy to Setup: Setting up iCalendar synchronization is typically straightforward.

  4. Compatibility: Most booking platforms, including Airbnb, support iCalendar.

  5. Synchronize with Google Calendar: You can also sync your iCalendar with your personal Google Calendar.

  6. Prevent Overbookings: Syncing with HostRooster will help you avoid overbookings on other booking service platforms like HomeAway, VRBO, and Airbnb.

  7. Time-Saving: No need to manually block out dates on multiple platforms; iCalendar does it for you.

HostRooster offers the capability to import and export iCalendar in just a few steps, making the synchronization process easy and efficient. You can use the "export iCal feed URL" to push your listing availability dates in iCalendar format to other systems. Additionally, the "import iCal from an external source" feature allows you to set up listeners for 3rd party systems, with automatic hourly checks for changes to keep your booking availability up to date.

To manage your listings and iCalendar synchronization on HostRooster, follow these steps:

  1. After creating a listing on HostRooster, go to

  2. You'll see icons at the bottom of each listing.

  3. The calendar icon allows you to manually block out specific days and months.

  4. The icon with a tick, when clicked, opens the iCalendar options, including the ability to export the iCal feed URL and import iCal from external sources.

By utilizing HostRooster's iCalendar features, you can efficiently manage your listings and avoid booking conflicts across multiple platforms like Airbnb.

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