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Can HostRooster hosts have cameras?

HostRooster hosts are permitted to have cameras on their properties, but there are important guidelines they must follow:

  1. Transparency: Hosts must clearly disclose the presence of any surveillance cameras in their property listing description. This includes specifying the areas where cameras are installed, such as common areas, entrances, or outdoor spaces.

  2. Respect for Privacy: Hosts should use cameras solely for security and safety purposes. They should not invade the privacy of guests or record private areas, such as bedrooms or bathrooms.

  3. Guest Awareness: Hosts must make guests aware of the camera locations and their intended use. This can be communicated through a message or house rules upon booking or arrival.

  4. No Hidden Cameras: Hosts are prohibited from having hidden cameras anywhere on the property, including bathrooms or bedrooms.

By adhering to these guidelines, HostRooster hosts can ensure that they maintain a balance between security and guest privacy, creating a comfortable and respectful environment for their guests.

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