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Managing Listing Availability with HostRooster’s Booking Calendar

Are you a host looking for an easy way to manage your listing’s availability on HostRooster? We’ve got you covered with our convenient booking calendar availability feature. Whether you want to block off specific dates or make your entire listing temporarily unavailable, our user-friendly calendar makes it a breeze. Here’s how it works:

Accessing the Booking Calendar:

Once your listing has been approved on HostRooster, you can start managing your availability through the booking calendar. To get started, follow these simple steps:

  1. Navigate to your listing by visiting
  2. Look for the calendar icon: On your listing page, you’ll find a calendar icon that represents your booking calendar. It’s your key to managing availability efficiently.

Blocking Specific Dates:

Want to mark specific dates as unavailable? It’s as easy as clicking on the date you want to block off directly on the calendar. HostRooster allows you to customize your listing’s availability to fit your needs.

Toggling All Dates:

For those times when you need to make your listing entirely unavailable for an entire month, we’ve got you covered. HostRooster’s booking calendar features a “Toggle all dates” link that allows you to quickly mark all dates in a given month as unavailable with just one click.

Navigating through Months:

If you need to manage availability for future months, simply use the arrow buttons located at the top of the calendar to navigate between months. It’s a convenient way to plan your listing’s availability well in advance.

Closing the Calendar:

When you’re done making adjustments, closing the calendar is a snap. Just click on the “x” icon, and you’ll be back to your listing page in no time.

HostRooster’s booking calendar availability feature is designed with hosts like you in mind, providing flexibility and ease of use to manage your listing’s availability precisely as you need it. Say goodbye to availability headaches and hello to efficient, hassle-free hosting.

So, what are you waiting for? Start managing your listing’s availability with HostRooster’s booking calendar today and ensure that your guests have a seamless booking experience. Happy hosting!


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