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Steps for Property finder

Step 1: Identify Potential Hosts

  • Find potential hosts who own guest homes, vacation properties, or similar accommodations. You can do this through email, telephone, or by reaching out to local property owners.

Step 2: Initiate Contact

  • Reach out to the potential hosts and engage in discussions about the benefits of listing their properties on HostRooster. Share information about the platform, including its features and how it can help them generate income.

Step 3: Encourage Listing

  • Encourage the potential hosts to list their properties on HostRooster. Explain the advantages of joining the platform and how it can enhance their property's visibility and bookings.

Step 4: Notify HostRooster

  • Once a host successfully lists their property on HostRooster, inform us about the successful recruitment. This way, we can track and acknowledge your achievement.

By following these steps, you can effectively recruit hosts and potentially earn ongoing commissions from their successful listings on HostRooster.

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